Airborne Data Link Directional Antenna Pedestal

The HRN-1 Airborne Data Link Directional Antenna Pedestal is a lightweight communication antenna pedestal, designed to provide single axis pointing capability in a very compact package.
The HRN-1 Pedestal contains a precision DC servo mechanical drive assembly, RF components and an integral digital servo electronic circuit card. The antenna can be pointed to any azimuth angle according to external position commands received through an RS-422 serial communication channel.
The HRN-1 Pedestal is designed to withstand rough airborne environmental conditions (when mounted within a protective radome).The HRN-1 is compact, lightweight and has minimal power consumption.
The HRN-1 is in daily use in several UAV applications.


  • High Pointing Accuracy (<0.7 °).
  • High Gain Antenna (15.5 db in C-band).
  • 360 ° Continuous Rotation (using Rotary Joint).
  • Very Light Weight.
  • Integral Servo Control Electronics.
  • Built-In-Test.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Optional Antennas in: L,S,C,X, Ku Bands.