Day And Night Integrated System For Up To 1 Km

The DANIS is a short range observation day and night camera system for security applications.
The DANIS was specially designed for short ranges up to 1000 meters.
The DANIS consists of a remote controlled Pan and Tilt (P&T) gimbal enabling Line of Sight control in elevation and azimuth.
The DANIS Pan and Tilt (P&T) system consists of two cameras:

  • Thermal Imaging (TI) Uncooled IR camera with a unique Optical Zoom Lens to enable the operator to zoom-in and zoom-out and to choose the best FOV for the requirement.
  • Daytime color CCD TV camera with a powerful Continuous Zoom Lens.
  • The two cameras move together so that the operator may switch between the cameras when both of them are looking at the same object.
  • The DANIS is operated by using PC S/W and is easy to integrate with a C4 system.


  • Remote controlled two axes Pan & Tilt Day / Night Observation System.
  • Uncooled IR camera with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
  • CCD with a Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
  • Wide FOV overall observation for detection with Continuous Zoom capability for identification of objects.
  • May be used as part of a comprehensive security system, together with MEOS & SPIDER surveillance systems.
  • Easy integration with C4 Systems.
  • Day and night perimeter security applications.
  • Close range surveillance.
  • Homeland Security.
  •  Perfect for observation up to 1000 meters.


  • Security of Critical Installations:
    • Airports.
    • Power Plants.
    • Fuel Storage Depots.
    • Oil Refineries.
    • Water Reservoirs.
    • Armed Forces Facilities.
  • Border Surveillance:
    • Smuggling.
    • Illegal Immigration.
  • Perimeter Surveillance.
  • Ground Troops Security.
  • Military Bases.
  • Port Security.
  • Ships and Vehicles.