Airborne Surveillance Mission System

The A-SMS is a complete turnkey full solution package especially designed for converting Police and Government Helicopters into an advanced EO/IR surveillance configuration for a variety of missions including Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue (S&R), Fire Fighting and Coastal/Border Surveillance.
The A-SMS is offered with a variety of CONTROP’s advanced EO/IR payloads, including the DSP-HD, QUAD-HD and SHAPO, enabling the Customer to select a configuration which best matches the operational requirements as well as the budget.

The A-SMS includes, in addition to the payload, an ergonomic Operator’s Work Station with a large display, DVR, Control Unit and Moving Map Mission Computer featuring Augmented Reality (AR), as well as optional capabilities such as Cockpit Display, Video Downlink and a Searchlight “slaved” to the payload’s Line-of-Sight. 

The A-SMS is STC certified for AS350/355 helicopters by TCCA (Canada). FAA (US) and ANAC (Brazil) certifications are in process. Certification for additional helicopter and aircraft models and in other countries will be available upon request.
The A-SMS is a complete solution system for your airborne law enforcement surveillance mission, Nose-to-Tail!


•  Modular, fully integrated, complete solution.
•  Certified STC , ITAR-Free, Competitively priced.
•  Ideally suited for airborne law enforcement surveillance missions.
•  Variety of CONTROP high performance HD EO/IR Payloads, featuring:
    - HD Day Cameras with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
    - HD Spotter Day Camera with long range telescope (DSP-HD).
    - Thermal Cameras with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens up to x36.
    - Advanced Image Processing.
    - Up to 4 gimbals, Gyro-stabilized.
•  Workstation designed for convenient operation in prolonged missions.
•  Advanced Mission Management Computer with Augmented Reality.
•  Configurable to Customer’s mission requirements and budget.
•  Mature and field proven system.
•  CONTROP’s experience, reliability and technical support.