3-Dimensional Video Motion Detection System

The 3D-GUARD system is based on stereoscopic camera pairs installed on poles or towers, and controlled by a central Command and Control System. The cameras are stationary with fixed fields of view.

The stereoscopic capabilities of the system are used to drastically reduce nuisance and false alarms that are typical of other VMD systems.


•  Best solution for a virtual fence.
•  Automatic detection and alert of moving targets.
•  Detection range up to 1000 meters.
•  Very high Probability of Detection (PD).
•  Very low False Alarm Rate (FAR).
•  Provides geo-location of detected target.
•  Provides Automatic Target Size Assessment.
•  Provides Automatic Target Classification.
•  Provides Automatic Target Tracking.
•  Provides Track File for each target.
•  Dual Thermal Imagers (TI)  (Uncooled InfraRed technology).
•  Dual day TV cameras.
•  Stereo image processing.
•  Very high reliability.


  • Protection of Borders.
  • Security of Strategic Facilities.
  • Perimeter Security.
  • Military and HLS Applications.