Gyro-stabilized EO / IR Camera Payload Systems

CONTROP has been developing and manufacturing EO / IR payloads since 1993. CONTROP's wide range of payloads provide an excellent and cost effective solution for any mission.
CONTROP provides proven Small, Medium and Long Range EO / IR Camera payloads for air, land and maritime applications.
CONTROP's EO / IR Payloads have the following characteristics:
  • Unique EO / IR Camera with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
  • Excellent image performance with advanced proprietary Image Processing and Enhancement features.
  • Highly accurate stabilization with 3, 4 or 5 Gimbals.
  • Gyro-stabilized in two or three axis, using 3, 4 or 5 gimbals.
  • High quality image with exceptionally high resolution (in the narrow field-of-view), which is independent of the platform's maneuvers and vibrations. Image quality is kept while looking both horizontally and vertically.
  • Weights from as low as 0.300 kg for MICRO-STAMP Miniature Stabilized Payloads, up to 46 kg for a large Multi Sensor Payload.
  • Different types of EO / IR sensors which are utilized in each payload, including:
    • Daylight Color 1CCD or 3CCD cameras
    • B/W Spotter with very long focal length
    • Cooled or Un-Cooled Thermal Imaging Cameras with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens
    • Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder (LRF)
    • Laser Pointer
  • Designed for applications requiring aerial photography including Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Search & Rescue, Intelligence and Observation and many various missions.
  • Unique in their ratio of very high performance payload with a very low weight, which significantly reduces the requirements and constraints from the platform or vehicle on which it is mounted.
  • Proven for remote control platforms such as UAVs, UGVs and USVs and also for local operation on helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and more.
Suitable for installation, mounting and usage on a wide variety of platforms including:
  • Air Vehicles such as SUAVs, Aerostats / Balloons, UAVs, VTOLs / Helicopters, Fixed-Wings A/C, etc.
  • Land Vehicles such as UGVs, Poles, Masts etc.
  • Maritime Vessels such as USVs, Ships, Boats, Hovercraft etc. Learn more about CONTROP’s maritime surveillance camera payloads.