Pedestals & Gimbals

Antenna Pedestals & Gimbals
CONTROP's Antenna Pedestals
CONTROP's Antenna Pedestals are developed and manufactured in-house, providing an excellent solution for directional communication antennas installed on Airborne, Maritime or Land platforms.
CONTROP's Antenna Pedestals are in daily operational use onboard UAVs, providing directional data links for the relay of data, information and other applications.
CONTROP's Directional Antenna Pedestals incorporate:
  • Single or dual axis pointing.
  • Precision DC servo mechanical drive assembly for high direction accuracy.
  • Pointed capability according to external commands through RS-422 communication.
  • Compact, lightweight and using minimal power consumption.
The HRN-1 is an airborne data link directional antenna pedestal.
The HRN-2 is an airborne dual data link directional antenna pedestal.
The APU-1 is an antenna positioning unit.
CONTROP's Pan & Tilt Gimbal Assemblies
CONTROP's Gimbal Assemblies can accommodate various optronic payloads. They are two-axis generic Gimbal Assemblies, stabilized azimuth and in elevation and are designed to carry an optronic payload made by CONTROP or made by any other manufacturer.
The SGA-2 provides active gyro-stabilization to filter out all vibrations and motions.
The RGA is designed for military operations and to withstand rough environmental conditions.
The MGA allows the customer to install different EO/IR devices and has an optional stabilization kit.