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Port / Harbor Security

Port and Harbor Surveillance Solutions


EO Payload for Port/Harbor Security Payload on USV Unmanned Surface Vehicle SPIDER LR for Port Security and Safety




Events of recent years have changed the way with which we approach the subject of port security.  Realities have forced us to understand that threats can come from the sea as well as by land, and must be detected while far away in order to have time to deploy appropriate forces and avoid tragedies.  The threat of a small vessel or even a swimmer carrying an explosive and detonating it within the seaport, is a real threat that must be avoided!


When Port / Harbor Security Is Your Priority

When port / harbor security, protection, surveillance, safety and control are a high priority, CONTROP systems can provide the solutions – 24 / 7.  Whether the requirements are for long-ranges, medium or short-ranges, CONTROP systems can meet the challenge. For detection of intruders – on the land or in the water (small boats or swimmers), surveillance and observation of docks and storage areas, tracking of vessels at sea and at port, vessel traffic safety or maritime environmental control, the CONTROP systems have been proven to provide the ultimate answer for port / harbor security.   


Ensuring Safety & Protection Without Interuption

The CONTROP systems were designed especially to deal with different Port / Harbor applications 24 / 7, without interruption and without affecting normal port activities. These applications include, but are not limited to the surveillance of seaports for security, safety of navigation and port management purposes.


Port / Harbor Security & Protection

  • A “virtual fence” over the water (sea) –  detects intruders (small boats or swimmers) from the sea before they reach the port / harbor area boundary!
  • A "virtual fence" on the land near the port / harbor – detects land intruders before they reach the fence.
  • Observation of intruders that were detected by other means.
  • Identification and tracking of intruders and direction of security forces.
  • Scanning and observation of waters within the port / harbor boundaries, docks and container storage areas for unauthorized activities.
  • Surveillance and observation of all ships and boats in the port / harbor - 24 / 7.
  • Surveillance and observation of land fences near the port / harbor.

Port / Harbor Safety & Naval Vessel Control

  • Observe and track naval vessels at sea and at the port / harbor – around the clock with continuous zoom-in capabilities!
  • Scan naval vessels at sea and at the port / harbor for technical issues – with large magnification.
  • Support Vessel Traffic Control activities.
  • Provide situational awareness support for Port / Harbor Traffic Control responsibilities including Water Taxi Control.

Maritime Safety & Environmental Control

  • A "virtual fence" for environmental protection applications – to keep a close watch on activities, without the need for other fences or boundaries.
  • Detect floating obstacles to provide maximum water safety.
  • Detect waste and oil dumping and other unlawful activities.
  • Identify and provide details of distant vessels.

Who’s Using Them

These port security systems are currently in daily operational service by the Israeli Military of Defense. The SPIDER was approved as “the ideal operational intruder detection system” by the Israeli MOD. These systems are in current operation providing coastal protection in a very large-scale surveillance and security program in Israel. They also operate in a large coastal surveillance and protection program in Southeast Asia. Recently, following strict testing and approval by the US Coast Guard, the CONTROP systems were chosen to provide protection for a strategic seaport in Europe, providing  protection of the important Gioia Taurro harbor in Italy, whereby their versatility is proven in applications as a "virtual fence" over the water (sea) and also as a land observation system.  In many cases, these systems were successfully integrated with radar systems, AIS systems and other sensors, to provide the Operator with full coverage of the area of interest.


Why They Are So Special

The SPIDER & CEDAR systems’ main capabilities include long range day / night surveillance and observation combined in a single system, with automatic scanning and panoramic detection of intruders and moving targets in the scanned area. The systems create a full panoramic picture which provides the Operator amazing and unsurpassed orientation capability, in order to control virtually any event.  These systems provide a complete and constantly updated panoramic picture, while continually scanning the entire view, tracking all moving objects, automatically alerting of all new movements and allowing immediate identification of all relevant targets. The systems include a cooled IR camera manufactured by CONTROP and a CCD camera, providing the ideal solution for enhancing day / night situational awareness.  The CONTROP systems are unique in their detection of intruders at very far distances – monitoring of vast areas of open water that can't be protected by fences or other boundaries nor monitored with lower end technologies - thereby detecting threats at greater distances, thus providing more time to respond and eliminate the threat.


The SPIDER is a very long range gyro stabilized EO / IR panoramic scanning and observation system.  The CEDAR is an automatic moving target detection and recognition system, ideal for integration on fixed platforms, buildings and tripods.  Both systems have been proven to be ideal for the surveillance and security of ports and harbors, due to their high level of accuracy and low level of false alarms.  Due to the fact that these systems scan at a rate much faster (up to 10 times faster) than state-of-the-art scanning VMD systems, and due to the fact that they can provide very long range detection capabilities, the CONTROP systems can protect a very wide area most cost effectively.  In addition, the CONTROP systems provide reliable operation even in harsh maritime environment conditions and are proven even in climates as low as -40°C!.


Main Features

  • Unique algorithms which overlook the movement of the waves in the water to detect even the smallest target (small boats or swimmers) in the water!
  • Detection of intruders at very far distances – monitoring of vast areas of open water that can't be protected by fences or other boundaries- thereby detecting threats at greater distances.
  • 24/7 Day and Night capabilities – EO / IR for day and night operations!
  • Continuous zoom-in / zoom-out with day and night camera – continuous optical IR zoom lens!
  • Interface with Harbor C2 Command and Control security and radar systems.
  • Autonomous wide panoramic scan and panoramic picture display.
  • Automatic intruder detection in real time with audio alert upon detection.
  • Multiple target detection.
  • Scanning, Tracking (automatic or manual) and Observation modes of operation.
  • Modular system configurations.
  • Remote system operation.
  • Passive system - without RF radiation, making the system environmentally safe and without interference to other communication systems!
  • Reduces Operator workload.
  • Provides reliable operation even in harsh maritime environment conditions.

For Proven Security & Protection

It’s no wonder that the CONTROP systems continue to be the chosen systems for the protection of some of the world’s most important and challenging security and surveillance programs.  CONTROP's intruder detection and scanning observation systems are known worldwide for their proven track record for long range port / harbor security and protection.  CONTROP – Turning Vision Into Reality!


Port / Harbor Security

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CONTROP is a company that specializes in the development and production of Electro Optical InfraRed (EO / IR) observation, scanning, reconnaissance and surveillance systems and solutions for Military, Para-Military and Homeland Security applications. CONTROP products include day and night Camera Payload Systems, Intruder Detection Systems for border, coastal and perimeter security, Night Vision / Thermal Imaging Cameras, Stabilized Gimbals and more.


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